Symptoms of Brain Injury

One of the most important things to understand about brain injury is, depending on the severity of the damage it will have both short term and long term effects. This means that some symptom will appear right after the injury and some can take weeks or months to appear.

But before you look at the symptoms it is important know the major types of injuries, the most common types of brain injury are:

  • Skull fracture: this refers to a broken skull, when the skull breaks it will no longer have the ability to absorb impact leaving the brain exposed to damage
  • Edema: edema can be caused by many things, edema is swelling of the brain that builds up pressure in the brain
  • Hematoma: this refers to clotting of blood outside the blood vessels.
  • Hemorrhage: this refers to bleeding in the brain tissues or in the spaces around your brain.
  • Concussion: concussions occur when the brain bounces hard on the walls of the skull. Concussions can lead to permanent brain damage.

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