Life After a Brain Injury

Brain injury no matter how minor or major it is, it will affect almost all aspects of your life. It can take away your career; it can take away your memories or cause physical changes and many other things. But with all the negative impact brain trauma can result it in, it doesn’t mean that you should feel beat down, weary or depressed.

Feeling depressed will serve you no purpose; it will just add more weight on you. The best thing to do is, move on and find ways to enjoy your life with your new condition. Continue reading “Life After a Brain Injury”


What to Do if You’ve Suffered Brain Injury

Brain injury refers to traumatic damage or destruction of brain tissue; it can come as a result of many things. The most common causes are accidents, gunshots, assault, car crash etc. the effect this will have is that it can affect your ability to fully use your brain.

Legally speaking brain injury will result in a number of issues such as,

  • Who will be the person in charge of making the victim’s medical decisions?
  • What caused the injuries? Or the circumstances that led to injury.
  • Where did the injury occur? Is it on private property, workplace etc.
  • Is the injury short term or long term?
  • Insurance issues

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